Smart-Team, a software development company in Tunis, Tunisia, has graciously proposed to advance work on FocusPlex through an internship program. This would make Smart Team our first corporate sponsor! You will find the internship proposal below.

Who: Smart Team, FocusPlex and a digital intern.

What: A three-to-four month internship on the subject of developing multi-channel applications from multi-source data stores where lists and items are the same object. Smart Team may have additional hands-on work and would support the intern with his or her project.

Where: The team is housed at Smart Team – Yasmine Tower – Centre Urbain Nord, 1003, Tunis -Tunisia. Development will take place on

When: ASAP, the position is still open, for three-to-four months.

Why: FocusPlex is a useful application that requires work. By investing ourselves in our own product, we are able to better hone our development skills. There aren’t really many other systems like this one that treats nodes and lists as the same recursive object. By working with us, we will try together to create good meaningful software. This work will be visible to the outside world.

How: Our prototype is written in Django (Python). Interns may use Django or use a different interface technology (such as NodeJS). Mobile applications will be developed with a library such as PhoneGap, Cordova or Ionic. Research is also expected into voice applications and connectors, such as a two-way connector to Google Calendars or a file system.

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